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Bombscapes: Of War and Earth


An American soil researcher is studying landscapes scarred by bombs. That’s familiar terrain for people the world over, but no more so than in Laos.


The Birth Whisperers of Timor-Leste


In a country with one of Southeast Asia’s worst infant mortality rates, one clinic is striving to bring improved birthing assistance to local women.


The Myth of the Virgin Rainforest


Research exploring Borneo’s past and present illuminates the tangled relationship that has existed between humans and the rainforest for millennia.


Resilience in East Timor

(Virginia Quarterly Review)

Three photos and short essays on the difficult past, present and future of the people of Timor Leste, or East Timor – a young country born of fire.


A Singular Landscape


A Singular Landscape: New technology is enabling archaeologists to explore a vast but little-studied mortuary complex in war-damaged Laos.


East Timor: Mountain of Memory

(The American Scholar)

Long ago, the country was home to lush rainforests, but during successive foreign occupations, loggers stripped away much of its tree canopy.


How Better Seeds Make Timor-Leste Climate Resilient


Seeds of Life helps farmers in Timor-Leste by producing and distributing improved seed varieties, which they use and sell for profit, driving the local supply chain.

In Cambodia, Along the Path to Something Profound

(The New York Times)

For 16 years and more than 20 trips, a long-dead Frenchman named Henri Mouhot has led me through the heart of this beautiful but knotty country.

Henry Kissinger Is Not Telling the Truth About His Past. Again.

(The Washington Post)

He is letting himself off the hook for the bombing of tens of thousands of civilians.